Why Print? Are You Willing to Walk Away From 21% of Your Market?

How about excluding some 48% of your marketplace? No, we would never want to do that and yet, a study by PEW Research Center this year, found that a total of 21% of all Americans don’t use the internet AT ALL and some 48% don’t find any relevance (i.e. they see no need to use it, don’t want to use it and choose not to use it).

With numbers like these, we need print and direct mail to reach almost half of our potential marketplace of prospects.

These really are staggering numbers. We’ve seen lots of conversations about Social Media (now politely called real time media) and other on-line means of communications taking over the consumer’s headset. We’ve also seen the report that only 10% of cell phone users currently have andriod, iphone or other smart mobile devices, so we find a couple of key takeaways from this information.

#1 almost half of consumers will not be found online
#2 for all the cell phones in use, only 10% of them have smartphones seeking info online. Want some poor marketing figures 10% of 50% is just 5% (I’m not a mathamatician- there is probably some better percentage but on a CMO level this gives me pause. Seems to us that it is still very important to integrate print materials and direct mail campaigns in vehicles that are picked up by non techo individuals.

Does this means ads in newspapers? Flyer inserts in the weekly and monthly magazines? You tell us. #paperNpixels How do you insure that your potential customers are being reached by your message?



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