The Kendall Press team recognizes and values the role we play in protecting and preserving natural resources.  We believe printed communication and environmental sustainability can successfully coexist and have long taken a proactive approach to managing our business in a way that impacts the environment in a friendly, positive, and thoughtful manner.  Below is a list of the actions we take to continuously minimize our eco-footprint and build a sustainable business in the printing industry.

  • We use, and recommend our clients use, FSC® certified paper derived from sustainable forestry.  Almost 100% of our paper purchases are from companies that harvest trees from decades-old tree farms specifically planted, harvested, and replanted to provide an ongoing source of non-public paper pulp. These tree farms not only ensure a sustainable, ongoing paper supply but also ensure that the land they use will remain undeveloped commercially.
  • We also use recycled papers that contain recovered fibers, which include pre or post consumers sources, or both when possible.
  • We recycle all waste.
  • Our environmentally friendly printing uses biodegradable and recyclable inks and toners.
  • We have eliminated all hazardous chemicals from our operation.
  • We have implemented programs to reduce our electrical consumption and waste associated with our production.