Drive More Audience Interaction
With Augmented Reality For Print

Leverage Augmented Reality (AR) to combine print and digital assets that create educational, entertaining and helpful experiences. Using a device, like a smartphone or tablet, AR adds an extra layer on a viewer‘s physical surroundings.


According to a recent Adweek article by David Roter, VP Global Solutions at Snap, there is an AR revolution happening right now which is changing the way people connect with the world around them.  He cites a study by Snap and Ipsos that states “by 2025, nearly 75% of the global population – and almost all those who use social and communication apps – will be regular AR users”. This same study highlights the disconnect between brands and customers, as brands still think of AR as used primarily for fun while their customers are using it for much more practical purposes that enhance their everyday lives. 

  • 79% expressed interest in using it to interact with products before buying
  • 74% want to use if for entertainment at concerts and sporting events. 
  • 67% expressed an interest in experiencing AR at events and conferences
  • 60% reported that shopping is their primary reason for using AR

The study concluded that “businesses that build immersive, entertaining Augmented Reality experiences that put their customers at the center of their brand see increased awareness, consideration and performance.

We help clients incorporate Augmented Reality into their printed materials like business cards, brochures, magazines, catalogs, posters, postcards, and more. With just the scan of a QR code, or contact with an NFC tag, your printed materials can become interactive experiences that use elements like images, video, text and 3D visualization to deepen engagement with your brand, products and services.