What kind of paper should I use to print my project?

Choosing the right paper for your project can be the difference in having the finished piece look outstanding or just so-so! You put a lot of time into the creation and it is now time to make it come to life!

There are many different varieties of paper stocks to choose from! If you are unsure of what type of paper to use for printing your next project, here are some suggestions.

Paper Weight

Each paper comes in several weights and each weight serves a different purpose. If you are planning on printing business stationery, you need to choose a paper that comes in both text and cover weight as well as having the size envelopes that you will need readily available. Keep in mind that if you choose a natural white or colored paper to print your stationery on, it may vary the color slightly.

If your document has a lot of heavy coverage, you will want to stay with a smooth paper rather than choosing one with texture. If it is postcards that you are printing, you will probably want to stay with paper that is coated one side (C1S). The coated side will bring out the colors of your design and the uncoated side will make it easier to address.

Bond papers are commonly used for letters and business forms. Most letterhead is printed using 24# Bond, but if you want it slightly heavier, 28# is available in some papers. If you write letters with multiple pages, you might want to stay with the 24#. The extra weight of the 28# might add extra postage.

Cover weight papers come in various weights, colors and finishes. Cover weight papers can be used for business cards, covers on programs, postcards and brochures. A popular weight for business cards is 88# or 100# cover.

Coated papers can be used for flyers and brochures when there is a lot of photographs and coverage. Coated paper does not always mean glossy. There are dull coated papers as well.

Offset papers may be used for printing newsletters, books, direct mail pieces with only a few photographs and other printing products requiring average quality.

Recycled Paper We also offer a variety of FSC certified papers and support socially and environmentally responsible practices.

As with anything, there are a variety of price ranges for the different papers. If you have a budget that you are trying to meet, give us a call and we will work with you to pick the right paper for your project!

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