Outsourced Printing and Mailing Services are Helping Businesses Do More with Less

As We Continue To Live With COVID-19, Businesses Have Had To Rethink The Way They Work…  And What It Takes To Be Successful.

Over the past year COVID-19 has caused businesses to make significant changes to their workplaces.  Most have made these changes out of necessity to comply with state and local mandates to keep employees and customers safe. Most people assumed changes like working remotely or altering work spaces to accommodate social distancing would be temporary.  As we have seen, these changes were not temporary and have persisted for many months. As a result, it has created an opportunity for businesses to measure the results. And the findings indicate that we’re not going back to business as usual even with a vaccine or effective therapies.

We’re Not Returning to Business As Usual

Many businesses have realized that a large number of employees can be productive working remotely. And businesses of all sizes have found they can do more with less. They do not need as much space.  They can get higher returns from existing assets.  And many will need way less people to be successful.  Another change that is happening as a result of doing more from less is the increased outsourcing of business services that have traditionally been managed in-house.  Printing and mailing are good examples.

Many businesses work with commercial printing companies for items like stationery or marketing and event materials.  However many medium and large companies and universities have large internal printing and mailing departments.  These departments have been primarily focused on materials like customer, employee, patient or student communications.  COVID-19 has rendered the internal departments virtually useless since employees have not been able to return to work in large numbers. As a result, expensive equipment that is not core to the actual business is not being productive.

Outsourcing is Becoming More Prevalent

Many businesses have already begun to outsource printing and mailing services. For those who have not, this is a perfect time for any businesses with printing and mailing departments to develop a relationship with a commercial printing company. Commercial printers have the equipment and teams in place to take on outsourced print and mail production. This means they can generally deliver higher quality at  lower costs.

As COVID-19 continues to reshape the way we will all work it’s clear that getting more for less is going to be an important business consideration.  This means more from fewer workers, more from existing assets and outsourcing functions that are not core to a business.

This is a perfect time to begin outsourcing printing and mailing services to free up capital that can be applied to growing the top and bottom lines. You can learn more about the types of outsourced services we provide here.  If you have any questions you can reach us at [email protected] or 617-354-2584.

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