Designing Successful Newsletters

Whether you create an electronic newsletter or produce one for a direct mail campaign, newsletters are a great way to spread information about your business and to potentially incarease sales.

The next time you’re considering producing a newsletter, check out these helpful hints.

1. Produce Interesting Content
It is important for your newsletter to have both content relating to your business and content that will interest your readers. Include information about your business that could persuade your customers to buy from you (discounts, updated technology, new products, etc.). You can also include things like fun facts, trivia, etc. in order to keep the interest of your readers.

2. Grab Their Attention With the Right Colors
Use multiple colors of ink to make your newsletter more visually appealing. Two color newsletters are very popular and full color newsletters are gaining even more popularity.

3. Pull Quotes Create Interest
Pull interesting quotes from your article’s content. These quotes will increase the likelihood that your newsletter gets read.

4. Good Design Provides More Room for Copy
A well-planned and designed newsletter can containt 20% to 30% more content than a casually designed newsletter. The additional space can help you further promote your business. A professional graphic designer can help you design the perfect newsletter.

5. Produce Interesting Content on Your Back Page
An estimated 15% of readers start reading at the back page of a newsletter before reading the front and the inside of the newsletter.

– Kendall Press

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