Best Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Promotional products are one of the best tools at your disposal as a small business. These products can be used to not only reward customers for their interest or loyalty, but also to keep your business top-of-mind. In addition, when a current or potential customer uses a promotional product in front of their friends or family, information about your business automatically reaches a wider audience.

Although promotional products offer tangible benefits, they can also be expensive. For this reason, it is important to choose the products you will distribute carefully. Below are some of the best promotional products for small businesses looking to build their consumer base.

1. Coffee mugs

Coffee is unlikely to go out of style any time soon, and coffee mugs are one item consumers tend to collect and use regardless of the design. Offering a good quality coffee mug is an excellent way to get your name out there and remind the customer of your company on a regular basis. Although not the least expensive promotional item available, coffee mugs are unlikely to break your company’s budget.

2. Magnets

Perhaps one of the least expensive promotional products available to your small business is the magnet. Magnets are small and won’t take up much space, so they are also easy to distribute and keep in stock. In addition, most consumers use magnets at home, so they are likely to keep them. When a consumer uses your magnet on his or her refrigerator or in another easily visible location, your advertisement can reach a substantial audience.

3. Pens

Pens are another inexpensive promotional item that is likely to be kept and used by consumers regularly. Most people carry pens with them, and these items often get lost. As a result, most consumers will happily accept a free pen from your company. As the consumer uses the pen, your advertisement will reach anyone who happens to be close enough to read your company’s name. Even if the consumer loses the pen, it will eventually be picked up by someone else who may take your company’s message even further.

4. Calendars

Although some consumers are now using digital calendars, paper calendars are still useful. Many consumers prefer to write their appointments and other important dates down in a single, tangible location. Printing and distributing a good quality calendar gives you a chance to put your company’s name in front of consumers on a daily basis.

The promotional products listed above are just a few examples of the items a small business could choose to distribute. Keep in mind that, regardless of the promotional products you choose, quality is important. A high-quality item is likely to be used over and over, while a low quality item may be tossed in the trash immediately. Before you invest in any promotional product, ask yourself how you would react if you received the same thing from another company.

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