Newer technologies and distribution channels have made some people question the effectiveness of direct mail marketing in today’s business world.  While the world no longer pays all of their bills by mail, they still use the system to ship gifts, make returns, and transmit important documents. Direct mail makes use of the mailing system for marketing purposes. With direct mailing, you are taking printed materials and sending them to potential customers. The goal is to attract their attention and gain their business. 

Would email and texting do better than direct mail printing? Not necessarily.  Even in the digital age, direct mail printing services still hold a special place in the consumer’s heart. Recently, there was an interesting study released by MarketingSherpa. This marketing study discovered that 79 percent of marketing pros felt direct mail marketing was either an effective or a very effective method for marketing. We are still attached to the conventional way of communicating via letters and personalized mail. 

Direct mail marketing services open up the door to a person’s home and allow a brand to enter freely. The customer feels a connection to the brand and is proud to reciprocate the feeling by shopping at the company. Direct mailing can also boost that all elusive top-of-mind awareness.

When using direct mail and printed materials, some of the most popular types include postcards, letters, and sales catalogs. These items should be made personal whenever possible, such as with name stickers and personalized letters to the customer. This increases the emotional connection to the mailed materials. When customers feel emotionally attached to a brand, they have a tendency to want to reciprocate the feeling.