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Kendall Press has been receiving numerous requests recently to print window clings so I thought that would be a good subject to write about. I would like to use this blog to go over a few important details about window clings and how you can use them to promote your business.

What is a Window Cling?

A window cling is clear or white flexible vinyl that can adhere to glass-like surfaces of windows or mirrors. Like their name suggests, they have no adhesive so they adhere to the surface with static, leaving no adhesive residue behind when removed. They are sometimes referred to as static clings.  They can be positioned on the front or the backside of a window, but if you plan on using it externally, then the static type would not be right for this use. They are meant for short term use as they tend to hold their charge for around 6 months. The benefit of using this type of window cling is that they are easily removed and can be repositioned often.

If you are looking to have the window cling up for a longer period of time, then you would request a window cling with a low tack adhesive.  This adhesive can be added to either side, allowing for the vinyl to adhere to either the front or back side of the window.  The low tack window cling material can also be removed and repositioned, but it needs to be done with caution. These window clings are available both in the clear and white vinyl materials as well. Although the low-tack window clings have an adhesive on it, they will not leave a residue when removed.

Both types of window clings are durable and offer a great way to promote your branding.

Shapes and Colors of Window Clings

Window clings are printed in full color so they can easily catch the eye of someone passing by. If you should choose clear vinyl for the cling, then we would first put down a layer of white ink below the image so that the image becomes opaque and no show through appears. Window clings are available in a wide range of sizes and can be cut into squares, circles, ovals or any custom shape that you have, making them unique to your product or business.

Promoting your Business with Window Clings

Print window clings are an inexpensive way to get the word out about a special product release or promotion that you are running. The food and beverage industries also use them to pass out to their customers to help promote their products in the retail stores where they are sold. Larger window clings can be used for temporary signage or help to make the office festive around the Holidays. Have you used window clings in the past? Let us know what creative uses you have found for them.

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