How often do we hear that expression – don’t print it out – save a tree. Well I’ve just finished reading some articles that challenge that expression in a thought provoking way. Want to encourage greenspace…well it has to make economic sense to really succeed these days.

The following material comes from International Paper’s web pages “DOWN TO EARTH”(tm) -their look at environmental issues and trends

The quote that caught my eye and my business sense first is one from Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace and chief scientist at Greenspirit strategies. Inc…..

“Forestry is the most sustainable of all the primary industries that supply us with energy and materials…… to address climate change we must use more wood, not less.

Using wood sends signals to the market place to grow more trees
The emphasis is my own ah-ha moment. Use less paper and the marketplace reacts by planting fewer trees. I get it. Want more green space- create the demand.

Also, I took note of this page from their website and must admit to feeling better about paper after reading it, particularly after upgrading my PC, laptop and smart phone for the third time in as many years.


PAPER: One of the great things about paper is that its primary raw materials are renewable. The paper and forest products industry replenishes more than it takes and ensures the sustainability of our forests by planting 1.7 million trees every single day, more than three times what is harvested. And the U.S. Dept. of Energy has stated that the carbon sequestered on forested lands in 2006 was greater than the carbon released from harvesting wood over the same period.

ELECTRONIC: Making a computer typically requires the mining and refining of dozens of minerals and metals, including gold, silver and palladium, as well as the extensive use of plastics and hydrocarbon solvents. The lifespan of a computer is short, and electronics have become the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

So, bottom line. Plan your printing just as you plan other facets of your business printing and don’t be deterred by out of date concepts. Sustainability is the new conservation of resources.


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