Everyone likes to get freebies. Swag, promotional items, gifts…the use of promotional products is one of the oldest known ways of advertising. However, printed promotional materials do a lot more than just get the attention of a potential customer. These marketing promotional items increase brand awareness. You can clearly see this whenever you see printed promotional material with a logo on it. If you recognize the logo without reading the printed name, then that is brand awareness success.

Promotional materials also give your company a top- of-mind presence when the position of these items is carefully chosen. The goal is to put these promo items in some location where the customer will see them on a repetitive basis. This reinforces repeated exposure to the item, which is direct marketing 101.

If you are using custom marketing products in a direct mail campaign, you can increase your response rates by up to 50 percent in comparison to just a letter alone. Everyone loves to receive a gift. According to a study reported by Time, whenever you get something for free, you feel obligated to buy more, pay more for it later, and think you are getting a great deal. The reality is, these are promotional items that are designed to enforce the brand with the consumer, for which these are highly successful. 

The key is to send out printed swag that will come in handy rather than be getting tossed in the trash can. This might be a calendar, a magnet, or a sign with beautiful lettering spelling out a positive message. Give out items that customers will use specifically in the same environment where they make decisions about ordering custom marketing products or services. These branded promo items emphasize your marketing message at exactly the right time for the consumer. 

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