Matte, Gloss and Silk Posters

We offer poster printing on matte, silk and gloss paper stocks.

Matte posters provide a flat, duller look that is shine-free.  While images are not is vibrant as paper with a finish, the paper is made to enhance depth and detail without any visible glare.

Gloss posters provide a shiny finish that creates very rich and vibrant colors.

Silk paper offers a finish with less shine that falls in between matte and gloss and highlights all of the image details.  It provides rich color while minimizing glare.

Thickness can be 5 mil, 7.5 mil or 10 mil depending on the use.

The most requested poster sizes are 18” x 24”, 24” x 36” and 27” x 40” however we can custom print just about any size you need.

Just call us at 617-354-2584 to for any questions or you can request a quote here.