Marketing materials cover many areas. Yet all of these materials share the same common purpose. This purpose is to support your sales and marketing team in driving several key factors for your company. Brand visibility, familiarity, and revenue all start with the marketing materials that share your brand message. Whether you are a small business, a nonprofit organization, startup, or corporation, your company will benefit from quality printed pieces.

When designing printed marketing collateral for small businesses, you want to hit the proverbial nail on the head in a couple of areas. For starters, these materials must educate the consumer about your brand and business. The materials should provide some sort of information that will help consumers make a decision on whether they want to support your brand. Most generally, this information will be as simple as contact information. However, these materials can just as easily convey emotions and ideas that connect you back to the brand. 

As a result of using printed pieces, you can provide a wealth of benefits for your business. Primarily, you are able to increase brand recognition.  The more people who see your marketing signage, letters, business cards, and flyers, the more exposure that your brand receives. However, you are also able to improve your sales figures simply by using printed material. This is a great point to make internally if you are having trouble getting financial backing for printed materials. 

How can you improve sales? By promoting your company in a first-person way. Printed materials are placed in the hands of consumers. Often someone from the business is the one handing the potential customer the materials. This gives your business an opportunity to make a sale using one of the best methods of marketing—face-to-face.  Plus, when you have a printed brochure or pamphlet to leave in their hands after you walk away, you are better able to seal the literal deal. 

Printed items also aid in improving fundraising efforts. When you are fundraising, you need to promote your cause in every way possible. Printed materials are both professional looking and inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing materials. You are able to get the word out while saving money that can be better used for other fundraising efforts. 

A final benefit of using print is being able to stretch beyond your geographical boundaries. Mailing printed materials through direct mail marketing allows you to reach consumers far and wide.