PAX East Boston; let the Games Begin!

Last night, we attended the @MassTLC 4 th annual Made in MA party 2013 that kicks off PAX East. The house was packed with more than 1200 guests packed into three full floors of the NERD center in Cambridge.
To say it was standing room only would have been an understatement. To say that there were enough candidates to fill all the open software engineering positions in Kendall Square right now would miss the key reason to assemble.
From barely-teens to golden agers, the common ground was gamers and gaming. MassTLC welcomed all exhibitors for PAX East and game developers to celebrate the local Massachusetts gaming industry and all it has to offer. MA has become a leading gaming hub filled with an amazing community of game developers, gamers, investors, students and lovers of the gaming world.
With adaptive technology successes fueled by computers and high tech, I was particularly drawn to look at 7-128 software. These were family friendly computer games with an emphasis on blind and physically challenged gamers.
Looking across the crowded tables, all covered with cool looking table cloths,
I never saw so many pull up banners, stickers, postcards and buttons. Who said print was dying? Certainly not the 10 foot tall transformer.  He was kinda cool the way he strode up to a gaming booth and asked – “hey, so what have you got here.
PAX is mostly sold out but you do have a great opportunity to attend for free, the Boston Festival of INDIE GAMES, taking place September 14 th at MIT. Check them out.
We’re happy to have been able to support a good number of new game launches and exhibitors in getting ready for this, the largest gaming event, on the east coast.
Decades ago there was DECworld and they had to bring two ships into the harbor to provide overnight space for the 3,000 attendees over two weeks. NOW, with the Boston Conference and Convention Center and many new hotels, the first Pax East was able to be held here in 2010 with 52,000 attendees, while 2011 drew upwards of 70,000 people. What will this year’s numbers look like? We’ll soon know. Meanwhile, in honor of PAX East 2013 and their exemplary deployment of the art of  paperNpixels , we have crafted a very special commemorative from bits and pieces of a package from SAPPI paper.

Because we can imagine a gorgeous coffee table microsite, a hand bound email blast, a dot for dot gloss varnish on a dull coasted PDF and the tactile experience of a triple stitched website……….

Let the games begin!
all photos ©KeithSpiroPhoto
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