Making Holiday Cards a Strategic Part of Your Sales Plan – Here’s How


If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to reach your customers and prospective customers, consider the positive impact of preparing and sending physical holiday cards.  Not only are handwritten cards worthwhile they are a great complement to other elements in your marketing plan.  Here’s a closer look at why holiday cards are perfect for reconnecting and connecting with customers and prospects.

1. Reconnect and Generate Business

There are many styles of selling products and services and a few of those touch on caring or problem solving. That’s important because they reach customers and prospects throughout the entire buying journey.  Sending a handwritten holiday card using quality paper and envelopes can really drive home the point that you care.  What you are really telling them is that their business is important to you, that you value them as customers or prospective customers.  In the process, you are making a great impression, which also plays into the buyer’s decision-making journey where they are reviewing different solutions to their challenges. Your holiday card tells them, “Here, let me help you find the perfect solution”.

2. Stay Top-of-Mind and Be Their First Choice

The more opportunities you have to make contact with existing and potential customers, the more they are likely to choose you. Every positive connection becomes a tool that reduces buyer anxiety and allows customers to feel as though they know you and that you care. Those are powerful tools that help you drive sales and loyalty.  A handwritten holiday card is another way for you to make a positive connection with your potential customer.  Whereas everyone else is sending out that season’s greeting standardized message and the little “Thanks, Mary” at the bottom, you can forge stronger relationships that move your potential buyer further down the purchase path. In short, a personalized holiday card helps keep you top-of- mind with them.  Once again, you’ve shown that you care and that is powerful.

3. Deliver the Right Message

Not every potential customer or new lead is ready for a handwritten holiday card. That’s okay too because there are other ways to make a personal connection without going too far.  Strategically designed postcards are another option and they bring with them the same “Hey, I am thinking about you” as do handwritten cards. You can still hand write a message or use graphic design services to make a standard message that is specific to a group of customers or prospects. Â

4. Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Your customers want to feel like their business matters to you and they are not just another number or sale. In short, they don’t want to be lost in your crowd of customers and just like them, you don’t want your card to be lost in the flood of holiday cards that grace their mailbox.  What you can do is be unique in the type of card that you send – handwritten makes it personal, but you can go farther with specialized printing, quality inks and paper, and a message that fits each of your customers.  The good news is that all of this does not have to be expensive and you don’t have to buy thousands of copies.  Reach out to our team and let’s talk design, quality, and prices. You will be surprised at how easy this can be.

There is still time to make a positive holiday impression – Here’s what you can do:

Connect with us for a quote.  We serve the greater Cambridge and Boston business area.  Our printing services are affordable, accurate, reliable and on-time. You can work with a custom printing professional who has experience creating quality cards and who can help you design a card or postcard as well as choose the right paper and envelopes so your message is both personal and professional.

It’s not too late – there is still time to choose your cards, print them and mail before the December holidays.

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