Promotional Products

It has been said that business promotional products are the oldest form of advertising. Business promotional products have the following benefits:

Corporate promotional items increase brand awareness and give your company a front of mind presence when they are chosen carefully and placed in a location by a customer where they will be used to continue to reinforce repeated exposure.

Promotional products, when added to a direct mail campaign have been shown to improve response rates by up to 50% versus a letter alone. Everyone loves to receive a gift and it has been shown that people are more likely to respond favorably towards your offering when presented with a gift.

Give items that your customers will use in their environment where they make decisions about ordering products or services. Personalize them and have them emphasize your marketing message and differentiate your company.

Popular items are t-shirts, thumb drives, water bottles, re-usable grocery bags or anything recyclable, pens and drinkware.

Custom promotional materials have a longer lead time than most products so plan ahead to get the item that you want at your budgeted price.

Please call or email us for help with your custom promotional material requirements.