Posters are used to communicate a focused message in a eye catching format. Large colorful posters stand out and are a good way to draw attention in a crowded room. Organize the information with a logical flow that supports the objective. Keep the fonts simple so that the poster can be read from at least 4-6 feet away.

Our custom posters can be printed on matte, silk or gloss papers and mounted and/or laminated. They can be mounted on the following materials:

Foam Core – this is an economic material and is used for posters that will be used for a smaller number of times. Foam core comes in white or black, it is usually 3/16″ – 1/2” thick and is rigid but can be affected by humidity and the corners can be damaged if you are not careful. Once you’ve gotten your printed foam core poster, you can protect it with a protective edge trim. This is a thin frame that protects the foam core from handling, keeping your poster looking new. Edge trim comes in black, white, silver and clear.

Gator Board – this material also comes 3/16″ – 1/2” thick but is much stronger than foam core and will remain flat over an extended period of time. It is more durable and less likely to be damaged and comes in white or black. It is good for mounting posters that will be displayed for extended periods of time. The ½” version is more difficult to cut and the edges may not be as sharp as the thinner versions.

Coraplast – this is a plastic material that is a fluted structure that is 3/16″ thick and is white. It is stronger than foam core but not as strong as gator board, It is somewhat flexible, relatively inert in varying temperature / humidity environments and lighter in weight due to the fluted structure. It is good for use in wind resistant sign holders or A frame street signs.

Lamination – these materials come in clear, matte and dry erasable and are 3mil, 5 mil and 10 mil thick. Our high-quality posters printing service lets you laminate your posters with or without mounting. We can laminate your project for longer durability, protection from handling, and elements.

Please call or email us with questions about our high quality custom poster printing services or to request a quote.