Letterhead plays an important role in establishing a company’s brand identity. The objective of custom letterhead printing is for the public to identify the company from their brand identity and demonstrate that the company is serious and reliable.

Business letterhead can be printed with one, two, three or four colors. The ink can be printed flat or raised in individual colors for formal appearance. The paper is usually higher quality paper that has matching envelopes. The quality of the paper is also important to establish an identity. Business stationery printing paper should be selected with the right weight to established the proper feel that supports the brand identity and be able to be imprinted in office laser printers. The color of the paper should complement the logo and appearance, keeping in mind that the color of the paper can effect the ink color.

Letterhead can also be an executive and monarch size that is smaller than the standard letter size and also requires a matching envelope. This format is used to communicate personal notes from one individual to another regarding congradualtions for specific achievements or to communicate confidential information in a more personal approach.

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