Deliver useful, targeted information to your customers in a highly professional package with a well-designed, professionally printed booklet. Booklet printing services are ideal for a variety of projects…from price books to product brochures, sales presentations to training manuals, cookbooks to software manuals, maintenance schedules to frequently asked questions.

  • Create catalogs annually, quarterly, or monthly to keep your customers informed of your latest products and services.
  • Consider full-color printing on a glossy paper to make images explode from the page.
  • Consider using a Wire-O or spiral binding for booklets that are easy for your customers to flip through and find the information they need!

Saddle stitched booklets number of pages is always divisible by 4 and the pages need to be positioned for booklet printing so that when they are collated and bound the pages are in the right order. It is best to submit booklets for printing as single pdf pages. They are typically bound with two staples in the center and are usually limited to 80 pages or 20 sheets due to equipment limitations, allowance for creep and the thicker spines resulting from a higher numbers of pages. Thicker booklets need to allow for creep which is caused by the center pages extending out further than the other pages due to the folding of the sheets. The center pages need to allow for this effect so that nothing is cut off when trimmed. Booklets can incorporate a card stock cover with text weight pages to provide a more durable and book like appearance. Pockets or holders can be incorporated into the back cover for CDs or DVDs.

Thicker booklets can be spiral, comb or wire bound with single or double sided pages. An acetate cover and black vinyl back can be added to provide a polished appearance.

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