Use Color on Color, Save Money

We all know that utilizing a lot of colors can draw a lot of attention to your printing project, but what if you don’ t have the budget for that extra color? There is a process called overprinting that can be done to achieve this without having to pay for an additional color. Say for instance you have a two color brochure, but would like to make it a three color brouchure. All you would have to do is layer the two colors to create a unique third color.

It sounds simple enough and it is, although it is important to test color combinations to make sure it is something that you’ll find appealing. If you aren’t sure which PMS colors mix well, you can ask by commenting here or visiting our site. So next time you’re considering doing a three color project, think about doing overprinting so you’ll only have to pay for two.

If you have discovered any cool color combinations please leave a comment and let us know your findings.


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