Kendall Press Continues Improving Output to Clients Through Investment In New Finishing Equipment


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Kendall Press, a leading Boston area graphic arts company, today announced the acquisition of new Standard Horizon JDF-enabled finishing equipment.  This investment adds four new pieces of equipment for cutting, creasing, folding and perforating. It significantly enhances the existing finishing department capabilities by extending automation through this important phase of production and driving increased speed and productivity and quality.

Jacob Souza-Dickinson, Kendall Press General Manager said “all of the new equipment leverages JDF technology to automate the workflow.  This allows client specs to be sent directly from an order through printing and finishing which drives increased quality and speed.  While we’re always working to increase productivity in our operation, we are also continuously evaluating how we can improve our offering to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.  This new equipment represents another opportunity to do that. For example, one of the machines we’ve added is a high-speed folder that has 17 programmed fold patterns and the ability to deliver a significant amount of custom folds at speeds up to 42,000 per hour.  We’re turning around run-of-the mill folding projects much faster for clients and can now offer a wider variety of more complex folds with consistent high quality”.

“While clients don’t care as much about the way their jobs are produced, they do care about quality and turnaround times.  We’re proud to announce the acquisition of this new equipment as just one more demonstration of our ongoing commitment to meeting our clients’ needs” added Souza-Dickinson.

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