4 Useful Tools for Events


It’s mid-October, and a whole slew of events are taking place nightly across the Greater Boston area. In light of how many companies are hosting, presenting, and exhibiting right now, here are four marketing giveaway tools every company should consider having on hand whether you’re decking out a 10 foot booth, manning a six foot table, or hosting a few hundred participants.

Business cards
We always recommend having a healthy supply of business cards ready to go to any event. The business card remains one of the most effective ways to exchange contact information, and is an easy way to make sure that anyone you meet has the ability to follow up with you and your company after the event itself is finished.

People love free things! Take advantage of this by having something to give away to visitors. Whatever you choose should be interesting, useful, and branded with your company name or logo. There is a wide selection of promotional products that can suit any budget. We recommend thinking about who your audience will be, who represents your target market, and then finding an item that will get used. Every subsequent use gives your company top of mind status.

Promotional Products

Attendees often have a lot of ground to cover at any event. Make the most of their time and yours by having extra information available for anyone interested in taking some home with them. Whether it’s a brochure, a flyer, or a postcard, it should be easy to carry, contain your contact information, and offer product information and/or company background. Just like with business cards, make it easy for everyone you meet to follow up with you at their own convenience!

Nothing attracts visitors like the allure of food. It’s also another opportunity to increase brand visibility by getting creative with presentation! Homebaked or store bought, handcrafted or bulk processed, edible items are a great way to draw people to you. Once they’ve arrived, you can determine where you provide value and where there might be genuine interest on their part.


It’s never too early to start preparing for an event, and it’s never too late to put together an effective package of tools, whatever your needs are. If you’re planning an event, contact us today and ask us to send you our Event Planning Checklist. If you’re participating in an event, come by our facility at 1 Main Street and ask to see our demo set up.

We’re always here to help!

Jason, for the team at Kendall Press


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