3 Ways to Thank Your Customers

ThankYouCardsThanksgiving may not be for another month, but being thankful should be a year-round endeavor. Take business for example, where we believe the two most important words remain the same as they have ever been: THANK YOU. Appreciating customers every day should be rule number one in creating a great customer experience! Here are three ways to thank your customers and show them the customer appreciation they deserve.

Send a Card
Anyone can send an email, and many of us do. A handwritten thank you note stands out in the digital age more than ever. It indicates that you have put time and thought into valuing your customer and, with the right elements, adds a touch of elegance to your communication style. Take a minute to think about which of your customers (if not all of them!) have played the biggest role in making this year successful for you, and get writing. It does not have to wait until the holidays, and it does not have to be long. Just make it personal and say, “Thank You!”

Hold a Customer Appreciation Party
Make it a point to celebrate your customers by hosting an event specifically to celebrate your customers! Offer food, conversation, and good company. Give away promotional products branded with your company name and logo. Encourage customers to bring friends who don’t know your business personally. Showcase a new product or service. Above all else, make the most of the opportunity to get even more feedback from your customers that will help direct you in providing the best service and experience possible.

Refer Business
If you’re actively engaging your customers, then you know their needs. While you can fulfill each one that falls under your own company’s expertise, no single company can do everything. Identify which of your customers are hands down the best at what they do, and you’ll have a rolodex of names ready the next time a project calls for something beyond your capabilities. Collaboration and respect go a long way in building strong relationships, and there is no better way to thank a customer than by sending them business in return.

Of course, there are countless other ways to express your gratitude to the individuals and organizations that engage your services. Try as many different methods as you would like until you find exactly the right medium for you and the people to whom you want to show your appreciation. There is no such thing as over-thanking your customers!


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